Avengers One-Shot
  Avengers Now! Handbook, Spider-Man appearance (profile)

Captain Marvel (2012)
  1D True Believers, Variant Cover, Ed McGuinness, Spider-Man appearance

  1A True Believers, Spider-Man appearance

Fantastic Four (1961)
  36A True Believers, Spider-Man cameo (arm only)

The Infinity Entity TradePaperBack
  1 Spider-Man cameo

The Infinity Gauntlet (1991) TradePaperBack
  1E Deluxe Edition (2019, New Cover), Spider-Man appearance

Ms. Marvel (1976)
  1A True Believers, Peter Parker appearance

The Punisher TradePaperBack (2018)
  1 World War Frank, Spider-Man reference (costume)

The Punisher TradePaperBack (War Journal, 2006, Complete)
  The Complete Collection By Matt Fraction, Volume 1, Spider-Man appearance

The Silver Surfer (1968)
  14A Facsimile Edition, Spider-Man appearance

Thanos (2014) Annual
  1 regular cover, Dale Keown, Spider-Man cameo
  1A variant cover, Jim Starlin, Spider-Man cameo
  1B variant cover, Ron Lim, Spider-Man cameo

Thanos (2017) TradePaperBack
  2 2nd printing, Spider-Man appearance

Thanos HardCover (Limited Series)
  A God Up There Listening, Spider-Man cameo

What If...? (1977)
  13A Peter Parker cameo, True Believers


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