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1984 Questprobe Featuring Spider-Man (Mini, UK)

1989 Dr. Doom's Revenge (With Captain America)

1990 The Complete Spider-Man (UK)

1992 Arcade's Revenge (Total Nintendo Magazine, UK)

1994 Maximum Carnage (Acclaim)

2000 To Trap A Spider! (GamePro Magazine #147)

2000A To Trap A Spider! (Straight Spine)

2001 To Trap A Spider! (UK Edition, Comic Size)

2002 Ultimate Marvel Video Game Accessories Catalog

2005 Ultimate Spider-Man (PS2, Limited Edition)

2005A Internet Heroes Meet The Internet Villains,

2006 Ultimate Alliance

2009A Ultimate Alliance 2, PS2, XBox 360 & Wii version [R: Civil War (partial)]

2009B Ultimate Alliance 2, PS3 version, [R: Civil War (partial)]

2010 Shattered Dimensions, Wii version (Wal-Mart exclusive)

2023 Gamerverse: Spider-Man 2, FCBD 2023

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