Spider-Man (1990)

Series continues after issue #63 as "Scarlet Spider (1995)" #1 and returns to #64 after #2 of that series. Series continues after issue #74 as "Peter Parker, Spider-Man (1996)" #75.

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1A green cover, SPM face in UPC area (= direct sales)

1B green cover, barcode in UPC area (= newsstand)

1C silver cover (= direct sales)

1D green cover, sealed bag, SPM face in UPC area

1E green cover, sealed bag, barcode in UPC area

1F silver cover, sealed bag

1G gold cover (= 2nd print), SPM face in UPC area

1H gold cover (= 2nd print), barcode in UPC area

1K gold cover (= 2nd print), sealed bag, MISPRINT

1I platinum edition

1J silver cover, MISPRINT, blue Lizard

1L True Believers


5A giveaway, Toy Biz, Spider-Man Classics II (2001)


46A bagged with animation cell


50A hologram cover


51A foil cover


57A die cut cover


65A Limited Edition Pack (cassette), variant cover

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