The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2015)

Series continued from "The Amazing Spider-Man (2014)" #18. Series continues after issue #5 as "The Amazing Spider-Man (2015)" #1.

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1 regular cover, Adam Kubert

1A variant cover, Skottie Young

1B variant cover, J. Scott Campbell

1C variant cover, Humberto Ramos

1D variant cover, John Tyler Christopher

1E variant cover, MAOS, Gabriele Dell'Otto

1F variant cover, Ant-Sized, Mike Deodato

1G variant blank cover

1H variant cover, La Mole Comic Con, Humberto Ramos

1I variant cover, ComicXposure, Pasqual Ferry

1J variant cover, Midtown Comics, Mark Brooks

1K variant cover, Yesteryear, Giuseppe Camuncoli

1L variant cover, Mary Jane, J. Scott Campbell

1M variant sketch cover, Mary Jane, J. Scott Campbell

1N variant cover, Hastings, Mike Mayhew

1O variant cover, Legacy, Adi Granov

1P variant sketch cover, Legacy, Adi Granov

1Q variant cover, Newbury Comics, Pascal Campion

2 regular cover, Adam Kubert

2A variant cover, Ryan Stegman

2B variant cover, Campbell, San Diego Comic Con 2015

2C variant sketch cover, San Diego Comic Con 2015

2D variant cover, Diamond Retailer, Adam Kubert

2E variant cover, ComicXposure, Pasqual Ferry

3 regular cover, Adam Kubert

3A variant cover, Sara Pichelli

3B variant cover, La Mole Comic Con, Todd Nauck

3C variant cover, ComicXposure, Mike Deodata

3D variant sketch cover, ComicXposure, Mike Deodata

3E variant negative cover, ComicXposure, Mike Deodata

3F variant red cover, ComicXposure, Mike Deodata

4 regular cover, Adam Kubert

4A variant cover, Gabriele Dell'Otto

4B variant cover, Yusuke Murata

4C variant cover, ComicXposure, Siya Oum

4D variant sketch cover, ComicXposure, Siya Oum

5 regular cover, Adam Kubert

5A variant cover, Nick Bradshaw

5B variant cover, Joe Quesada (Spider-Man)

5C variant sketch cover, Joe Quesada (Spider-Man)

5D variant cover, Joe Quesada (Peter Parker)

5E variant sketch cover, Joe Quesada (Peter Parker)

5F variant cover, ComicXposure, Mike Deodato

5G variant cover, Campbell, Hawaii Comic Con 2015

5H variant sketch cover, Hawaii Comic Con 2015

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