Spider-Man HardCover (Amazing, 2008)

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1 Brand New Day, Volume 1

2 Brand New Day, Volume 2

3 Brand New Day, Volume 3

4 Kraven's First Hunt

5 New Ways To Die

5A New Ways To Die, New York Comic Con 2009 variant

6 Crime And Punisher

7 Death And Dating

8 Election Day, book market edition, Obama cover

8A Election Day, direct market edition, Menace cover

9 24/7

10 American Son

11 Died In Your Arms Tonight, book market edition, John Romita JR cover

11A Died In Your Arms Tonight, direct market edition, Alex Ross cover

12 Red-Headed Stranger

13 Return Of The Black Cat

14 The Gauntlet, Volume 1 - Electro & Sandman

15 The Gauntlet, Volume 2 - Rhino & Mysterio

16 The Gauntlet, Volume 3 - Vulture & Morbius

17 The Gauntlet, Volume 4 - Juggernaut

18 The Gauntlet, Volume 5 - Lizard

19 Grim Hunt

20 One Moment In Time, book market edition, Paolo Manuel Rivera cover

20A One Moment In Time, direct market edition, Joe Quesada cover

21 Origin Of The Species

22 Big Time

23 Matters Of Life And Death

24 The Fantastic Spider-Man

25 The Return Of Anti-Venom

26 Spider-Island

27 Flying Blind

28 Trouble On The Horizon

29 Ends Of The Earth

30 No Turning Back

31 Danger Zone

32 Dying Wish

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