Spider-Man GiveAway: NCPCA - Newspaper Insert

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1-NN1 Power Pack, Unknown Newspaper, 1984, top of page has 2 text lines

1-NN2 Power Pack, Unknown Newspaper, Washington, 1984, 3 text lines

1-NN3 Power Pack, Unknown Newspaper, 1984, top of page has 1 text line

1-APP Power Pack, The Asbury Park Press, 1984

1-BHC Power Pack, Bristol Herald Courier, Signet Bank Virginia, 1984

1-BSG Power Pack, Boston Sunday Globe, 1984

1-CD Power Pack, Columbus Dispatch, 1984

1-CPD Power Pack, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1985

1-CT Power Pack, Chicago Tribune, 1984

1-DFP Power Pack, Detroit Free Press, 1984

1-DMS Power Pack, Des Moines Sunday Register, 198?

1-HSB Power Pack, Honolulu Star Bulletin, 1984

1-IND Power Pack, The Indianapolis Star, 1984

1-MPT Power Pack, Manistique Pioneer-Tribune, 1984

1-NLI Power Pack, Newsday (Long Island), 1986

1-NYN Power Pack, New York Newsday, 198?

1-NYT Power Pack, New York Tribune, 1986

1-OWH Power Pack, Omaha World-Herald, 1984

1-PI Power Pack, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1984

1-SLP Power Pack, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1984

1-STU Power Pack, Sunday Times Union, 1985

1-TEN Power Pack, The Tennessean, 1984

1-TNT Power Pack, Tacoma News Tribune, 1984

1-VNH Power Pack, Vermont / New Hamshire, 1984

1-WSJ Power Pack, Wisconsin State Journal, 1985

2-NN1 Verbal Abuse, Unknown Newspaper, 1987, Nobody Wins

2-NN2 Verbal Abuse, Unknown Newspaper, 198?, Who Cares?

2-CD Verbal Abuse, Columbus Dispatch, 198?

2-CT Verbal Abuse, Chicago Tribune, 1988, Nobody Wins

2-HC Verbal Abuse, Houston Chronicle, 198?, Who Cares?

3-NN The New Mutants Featuring Skids, Unknown Newspaper, 1990

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