Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #100 (Hero Initiative)

In 2007, a very special fundraiser was coming from The Hero Initative. More than 80 artists were asked to participate by drawing a custom sketch on the blank cover of a specially produced "Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #100".

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Adam Kubert

Alan Davis (1)

Alan Davis (2)

Alan Weiss

Alex Saviuk

Al Milgrom

Andy Kubert

Andy Kuhn

Arthur Suydam (1)

Arthur Suydam (2)

Bill Mitchell

Bill Morrison

Billy Tan (1)

Billy Tan (2)

Bob Hall

Bob McLeod

Brett Blevins

Brian Michael Bendis

Cameron Stewart

Chris Bachalo (1)

Chris Bachalo (2)

Clayton Crain

Dan Brereton

Dan Jurgens

Darick Robertson

Dave Ross

Dave Sim

Derec Donovan

Dick Giordano

Ed McGuiness (1)

Ed McGuiness (2)

Francis Manapul

Frank Cho

Frank Quitely (1)

Frank Quitely (2)

Frank Springer

Fred Hembeck

George Perez

Greg Land

Guillermo Del Toro

Herb Trimpe

Humberto Ramos

Jae Lee

James A. Owen (1)

James A. Owen (2)

J. Bone

J.G. Jones

Jim Hanna

Jim Mooney

Jimmy Cheung

Jim Starlin

Jim Valentino (1)

Jim Valentino (2)

Joe Benitez (1)

Joe Benitez (2)

Joe Bennett (1)

Joe Bennett (2)

Joe Quesada

John McCrea (1)

John McCrea (2)

John Romita JR

John Romita SR

Joseph Linsner (1)

Joseph Linsner (2)

J. Scott Campbell

Kyle Baker

Larry Lieber

Leonard Kirk (1)

Leonard Kirk (2)

Luke Ross (1)

Luke Ross (2)

Marie Severin

Mark Bagley

Mark Brooks

Mark Buckingham

Mark Texeira

Matt Wagner

Michael Golden

Michael Lark

Mike Allred

Mike Deodato (1)

Mike Deodato (2)

Mike Kunkel

Mike Vosburg

Mike Wieringo

Neil Gaiman

Pat Olliffe

Patrick Sherberger

Rich Cody

Rick Leonardi

Rob Osborne

Ron Frenz (1)

Ron Frenz (2)

Ron Garney (1)

Ron Garney (2)

Sal Buscema

Scott Kolins (1)

Scott Kolins (2)

Scott Sava

Sergio Aragones

Staz Johnson (1)

Staz Johnson (2)

Terry Moore

Tim Sale

Tim Seeley

Tim Vigil (1)

Tim Vigil (2)

Todd McFarlane

Tom Lyle

Tone Rodrigues

Tony Parker

Ty Templeton

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