What If...? (1989)

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4 Alien Costume Had Possessed Spider-Man

4A 2nd printing (JC Penney, 1993)

4B True Believers

17 Kraven Had Killed Spider-Man

17A Kraven Had Killed Spider-Man, True Believers

20 Spider-Man Had Not Married Mary Jane

21 Spider-Man Married The Black Cat

31 Spider-Man Had Kept Cosmic Power

34 No One Was Watching The Watcher

35 Fantastic Five Fought Doctor Doom

42 Spider-Man Had Kept His Six Arms

53 Spider-Man Killed The Lizard [1 Of 3 Stories]

58 Punisher Had Killed Spider-Man

61 Spider-Man's Parents Killed His Family

72 Spider-Man Became A Murderer

76 Peter Parker Had To Destroy Spider-Man

78 New Fantastic Four Had Remained A Team

82 J. Jonah Jameson Adopted Spider-Man

86 Scarlet Spider Killed Spider-Man

88 Spider-Man: Arachnamorphosis

99 Spider-Man: The Men Behind The Mask

105 Mary Jane Had Never Lost The Baby

105A Mary Jane Had Never Lost The Baby, Marvel's Greatest Creators

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