Daredevil (1964)

Series continues after issue #380 as "Daredevil (1998)" #1.

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1 Spider-Man appearance

1A True Believers, Spider-Man appearance

6 Spider-Man cameo

16 Spider-Man appearance

17 Spider-Man appearance

24 Spider-Man reference (letter written by SPM)

25 Spider-Man reference (letter written by SPM)

27 Spider-Man appearance

43 Peter Parker cameo

54 Spider-Man appearance

77 Spider-Man appearance

103 Spider-Man appearance

112 Peter Parker cameo

132 Spider-Man reference (newspaper headline)

132A 30 Cent Price Variant, Spider-Man reference (newspaper headline)

132B Giveaway, Toy Biz, Marvel Legends 9, Spider-Man reference (newspaper headline)

132C Giveaway, Hasbro, Marvel Universe 2-Pack, Spider-Man reference (newspaper headline)

135 Peter Parker cameo

135A 30 cent price variant, Peter Parker cameo

160 Peter Parker cameo

165 Spider-Man cameo

172 Spider-Man reference (t-shirt, Dr. Who preview)

202 Spider-Man reference (hat)

236 Spider-Man appearance (cover only)

241 Spider-Man reference (mask)

241A giveaway, Toy Biz, Spider-Man Classics II (2001)

248 Spider-Man reference (skateboard)

270 Spider-Man appearance

300 Peter Parker cameo

305 Spider-Man appearance

306 Spider-Man appearance

307 Spider-Man reference (t-shirt)

312 Spider-Man cameo (photo)

316 Spider-Man reference (billboard)

326 Spider-Man cameo

354 Spider-Man appearance

380 Spider-Man cameo (newspaper photo)

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