Daredevil (1998)

Series continued from "Daredevil (1964)" #380. After issue #119, series skips to #500 to reflect original numbering. Series continues after issue #512 as "Black Panther: The Man Without Fear" #513. The story of Daredevil continues in "Daredevil (2011)" #1.

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2A regular cover, BC "00211", Spider-Man cameo

2B variant cover, BC "00221", Spider-Man cameo

3 Peter Parker reference (note)

6 Peter Parker reference (note)

7 Spider-Man cameo

8 Spider-Man appearance

1/2 Wizard Special Edition, Spider-Man cameo

9 Spider-Man insert - Fast Lane, part 1

11 Spider-Man insert - Fast Lane, part 4

16 Peter Parker cameo

17 Spider-Man appearance (cover only)

18 Spider-Man reference (poster)

19 Spider-Man reference (doll)

20 Spider-Man appearance

21 Spider-Man cameo

24 Peter Parker appearance

25 Spider-Man appearance

32 Spider-Man cameo

32A Newsstand Edition, no number on cover, Spider-Man cameo

33 Spider-Man serial - Jay Leno, part 3

34 Peter Parker appearance

34A Newsstand Edition, no number on cover, Peter Parker appearance

35 Spider-Man appearance

35A Newsstand Edition, no number on cover, Spider-Man appearance

38 Spider-Man cameo (newspaper photo)

38A Newsstand Edition, no number on cover, Spider-Man cameo (newspaper photo)

56 Peter Parker appearance

59 Spider-Man cameo

60 Spider-Man appearance

65 Spider-Man appearance

66 Spider-Man reference (plush doll)

69 Spider-Man appearance

73 Spider-Man reference (mask)

74 Spider-Man reference (poster)

77 Spider-Man cameo (photo)

80 Spider-Man cameo (newspaper photo)

81 Peter Parker cameo

84 Spider-Man cameo (newspaper photo)

87 Spider-Man reference (newspaper headline)

95 Spider-Man reference (t-shirt)

100 Wraparound Cover, Spider-Man appearance (cover only)

100A Lee Bermejo Variant Cover, Spider-Man cameo (pin-up)

100B Micheal Turner Variant Cover, Spider-Man cameo (pin-up)

112 regular cover, Spider-Man cameo

112A variant zombie cover, Spider-Man cameo

511 regular cover, Spider-Man appearance

511A variant cover, Spider-Man appearance

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