The Incredible Hulk (1962)

Series goes on hiatus after issue #6. Returns as #102 following appearances in "Tales To Astonish (1959)" #101. Series continues after issue #474 as "Hulk (1999)" #1.

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152 Peter Parker cameo

153 Spider-Man appearance

200 Spider-Man cameo (Marvel Value Stamp B52)

200A 30 Cent Price Variant, Spider-Man cameo (Marvel Value Stamp B52)

209 Spider-Man cameo

238 Spider-Man reference (chess piece)

241 Spider-Man reference (chess piece)

248 Spider-Man cameo

252 Spider-Man cameo

277 Spider-Man cameo

278 Spider-Man appearance

279 Spider-Man appearance

280 Peter Parker cameo

291 Spider-Man reference (poster)

300 Spider-Man appearance

312 Spider-Man cameo

325 Spider-Man appearance (cover only)

339 Spider-Man cameo

346 Peter Parker appearance

349 Spider-Man appearance

355 Spider-Man cameo (leg only)

378 Spider-Man reference (poster)

383 Spider-Man cameo

388 Spider-Man cameo (photo)

400 Spider-Man cameo (pinup)

400A 2nd printing; Spider-Man cameo (pinup)

405 Spider-Man reference (doll)

411 Spider-Man cameo (photo)

412 Spider-Man reference (t-shirt)

414 Spider-Man reference (refrigerator magnet)

434 Spider-Man reference (t-shirt)

441 Spider-Man reference (necklace, cover)

450 Spider-Man reference (t-shirt)

-1 Flashback Issue, regular cover, Spider-Man reference (bandana)

-1A Flashback Issue, variant cover (6 panels), Spider-Man reference (bandana)

461 Spider-Man reference (mug)

467 Spider-Man appearance

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