Mary Jane & Black Cat

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1 regular cover, J. Scott Campbell

1A variant cover, Adam Hughes

1B variant cover, Ramon Villalobos

1C SPM app. (cover only), variant virgin cover, David Nakayama

1D variant cover, Paolo Siqueira

1E SPM appearance (cover only), variant cover, David Nakayama

1F variant cover, Peach Momoko

1G 2nd printing, variant cover, Jan Bazaldua

1SA variant cover, Ivan Tao

1SAV variant virgin cover, Ivan Tao

1SB variant cover, J. Scott Campbell

1SBV variant virgin cover, J. Scott Campbell

1SC variant cover, Jay Anacleto

1SCV variant virgin cover, Jay Anacleto

1SD variant cover, Kunkka

1SDV variant virgin cover, Kunkka

1SE variant cover, Tyler Kirkham

1SEV variant virgin cover, Tyler Kirkham

2 regular cover, J. Scott Campbell

2A variant cover, Chrissie Zullo

2B variant cover, AKA

2C variant cover, Adam Hughes

2D 2nd printing, variant cover, J. Scott Campbell

2SA variant cover, Romina Jones

2SAV variant virgin cover, Romina Jones

3 regular cover, J. Scott Campbell

3A variant cover, Jan Bazaldua

3B variant cover, Carlos E. Gomez

4 regular cover, Paolo Siqueira

4A variant cover, Russell Dauterman

4AV variant virgin cover, Russell Dauterman

4B variant cover, Alex Ross

4C variant sketch cover, Alex Ross

5 regular cover, Paolo Siqueira

5A Spider-Man appearance (cover), variant cover, Erica D’Urso

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