Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales

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1 regular cover, Clayton Crain

1A variant cover, Emanuela Lupacchino

1B variant cover, David Nakayama

1C variant cover, Iban Coello

1D variant virgin cover, Iban Coello

1E variant cover, Javi Garron

1F variant cover, Stadium Comics, Khary Randolph

1G variant virgin cover, Stadium Comics, Khary Randolph

1H 2nd printing, variant cover, Federico Vincentini

2 regular cover, Clayton Crain

2A variant cover, Leinil Francis Yu

2B variant cover, David Nakayama

2C variant virgin cover, Frankie's Comics, Clayton Crain

2D variant virgin cover, NYCC, Giuseppe Camuncoli

3 regular cover, Clayton Crain

3A variant cover, David Nakayama

3B variant cover, Kim Jacinto

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