The Amazing Spider-Man (1999)

Series continued from "The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)" #441. After issue #58, series skips to #500 to reflect original numbering. Series continues after issue #700 as "The Superior Spider-Man (2013)" #1.

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1 regular, barcode "00111", wrap-around cover

1A variant, barcode "00121", "sunburst" cover

1B variant, Dynamic Forces, #6307/12000

1C Marvel Authentix, Dynamic Forces, #6485/6500

1D Marvel Authentix, Dynamic Forces, John Romita SR, #219/300

2A regular, barcode "00211", yellow/orange cover

2B variant, barcode "00221", green cover

25A regular, barcode "02511", holofoil

25B variant, barcode "02521"


509A Director's Cut


525A Wieringo variant cover, barcode "52521"


526A Wieringo variant cover, barcode "52621"


527A Wieringo variant cover, barcode "52721"


528A Wieringo variant cover, barcode "52821"

528B Wieringo variant cover, sketch, barcode "52831"


529A 2nd printing, barcode "52921"

529B 3rd print, Wieringo variant cover, barcode "52931"


532A 2nd printing, barcode "53221"


533A San Diego Comic Con 2006, variant edition


537A 2nd printing, barcode "53721"


538A Crain variant cover

538B Crain variant cover, Midtown Comics, NYC 2007


539A Angel Medina Variant Cover, Comic Oasis, Las Vegas, #2442/5000

539B 2nd printing, Yu variant cover, barcode "53931"

544 regular cover

544A variant cover

545 regular cover

545A variant cover

546 regular cover

546A Hitch variant cover

546B variant sketch cover

546C 2nd printing variant cover

546D book market variant

546E Marvel's Greatest Comics

546F True Believers

549 regular cover

549A Finch variant cover

549B Romita variant cover, Dynamic Forces

552 regular cover

552A Granov variant cover

555 regular cover

555A Bianchi variant cover

568 regular cover

568A Alex Ross variant cover

568B John Romita SR variant cover

568C John Romita JR variant sketch cover

568D Dynamic Forces variant cover

568E Canada Fan Expo 2008 variant cover

568F 2nd printing, variant cover

569 regular cover

569A Granov variant cover

569B 2nd printing, variant cover

570 regular cover

570A Luke Ross variant cover

570B monkey variant cover

570C 2nd printing, variant cover

571 regular cover

571A John Romita JR variant cover

571B 2nd printing, variant cover

572 regular cover

572A David Finch variant cover

572B 2nd printing, variant cover

573 regular cover

573A Kevin Maguire variant villain cover

573B variant Stephen Colbert cover

573C Marko Djurdjevic variant zombie cover

577 regular cover

577A Sal Buscema variant cover

579 regular cover

579A variant villain cover

581 regular cover

581A variant villain cover

583 regular cover

583A variant Obama cover, 1st printing, blue

583B variant Obama cover, 2nd printing, yellow

583C variant Obama cover, 3rd printing, flag (blue)

583D variant Obama cover, 4th printing, flag (white)

583E variant Obama cover, 5th printing, Lincoln

590 regular cover

590A variant Wolverine appreciation cover

592 regular cover

592A variant Wolverine appreciation cover

595 regular cover

595A Granov variant cover


596A 2nd printing, variant cover


597A 2nd printing, variant cover


598A 2nd printing, variant cover

599 regular cover

599A 1970's variant cover

600 regular Alex Ross cover

600A variant John Romita JR wraparound cover

600B variant John Romita SR cover

600C variant Joe Quesada wraparound cover

600D variant Dynamic Forces cover

600E 2nd printing, variant cover

601 regular cover

601A 70 years, frame variant cover

601B 2nd printing, variant cover

602 regular cover

602A 70 years, frame variant cover

602B 2nd printing, variant cover

603 regular cover

603A 70 years, frame variant cover

606 regular cover

606A variant sketch cover

606B variant sketch cover, Long Beach Comic Con

608 regular cover

608A 70th anniversary variant cover


611A 2nd printing, variant cover

612 regular Djurdevic cover

612A variant Granov cover

612B variant McGuinness "Black Cat" cover

612C 2nd printing, variant cover

613 regular Djurdevic cover

613A variant Quinones "villain" cover

615 regular Rivera cover

615A variant Quinones "villain" cover

617 regular Fiumara cover

617A variant Quinones "villain" cover

617B variant Fiumara "Something Is Coming" cover

617C variant Fiumara "Rhino Is Coming" cover

618 regular cover

618A variant Quinones "villain" cover

620 regular cover

620A Deadpool variant cover

623 regular cover

623A variant Quinones "villain" cover

623B variant Jusko cover

623C variant Jusko cover, Planet Comicon

624 regular cover

624A variant cover "You're Fired"

628 regular cover

628A Iron Man by Design, variant cover

630 regular cover

630A variant Quinones "villain" cover

631 regular cover

631A variant heroic age cover

632 regular cover

632A variant heroic age cover

633 regular cover

633A variant heroic age cover

634 regular cover, Leinil Francis Yu

634A regular cover, Mike Fyles

634B variant Quinones "villain" cover

634C 2nd printing, variant cover

635 regular cover, Leinil Francis Yu

635A regular cover, Mike Fyles

635B 2nd printing, variant cover

636 regular cover, Esad Ribic

636A regular cover, Mike Fyles

636B 2nd printing, variant cover

637 regular cover, Olivier Coipel

637A regular cover, Mike Fyles

637B 2nd printing, variant cover

638 regular cover, Paolo Manuel Rivera

638A variant cover, Joe Quesada

638B variant sketch cover, Joe Quesada

638C 2nd printing, variant cover

638D Canada Fan Expo 2010, variant cover

639 regular cover, Paolo Manuel Rivera

639A variant cover, Joe Quesada

639B variant sketch cover, Joe Quesada

640 regular cover, Paolo Manuel Rivera

640A variant cover, Joe Quesada

640B variant sketch cover, Joe Quesada

640C Women of Marvel variant cover, Jelena Djurdjevic

641 regular cover, Paolo Manuel Rivera

641A variant cover, Joe Quesada

641B variant sketch cover, Joe Quesada

641C Women of Marvel variant cover, J.T. Christopher

642 regular cover, Marko Djurdjevic

642A variant cover, John Romita SR

642B NY Comic Con variant cover, John Romita SR & JR

643 regular cover, Marko Djurdjevic

643A variant cover, Phil Jimenez

643B variant cover, Super Hero Squad

644 regular cover, Marko Djurdjevic

644A variant cover, Chris Bachalo

645 regular cover, Marko Djurdjevic

645A variant wraparound cover, Bryan Hitch

646 regular cover, Marko Djurdjevic

646A variant cover, Paolo Rivera

646B variant vampire cover, Mike Mayhew

647 regular cover, Marko Djurdjevic

647A variant cover, Steve McNiven

648 regular cover, Humberto Ramos

648A variant blank cover

648B variant TRON cover, Stefano Caselli

648C variant wraparound cover, Marcos Martin

648D variant cover, J. Scott Campbell

648E Marvel Retailer Resource Center, variant sketch cover, J. Scott Campbell

648F 2nd printing, variant cover


649A 2nd printing, variant cover


650A 2nd printing, variant cover

651 regular cover, Humberto Ramos

651A variant TRON cover, Mark Brooks

651B 2nd printing, variant cover


652A 2nd printing, variant cover


654A 2nd printing, variant cover


654.1 True Believers


655A 2nd printing, variant cover

656 regular cover, Marcos Martin

656A variant cover, Captain America 70th Anniversary

656B 2nd printing, variant cover


657A 2nd printing, variant cover

658 regular cover, Marko Djurdjevic

658A variant cover, Thor Goes Hollywood

658B 2nd printing, variant cover


659A 2nd printing, variant cover

661 regular cover, Ed McGuinness

661A variant cover, X-Men Evolutions, Mario Alberti

665 regular cover, Paolo Rivera

665A variant cover, I Am Captain America

666 regular cover, Mike Del Mundo

666A variant cover, Midtown Comics NYC Exclusive

666B variant cover, Canada Fan Expo 2011

666C 2nd printing, variant cover

666SA 1,000,000 Comix, Daily Bugle variant

666SB 2 Tone Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666SC A-1 Comics (California), Lizard variant

666SD (UK), Lizard variant

666SE Acme Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666SF All Heroes, Daily Bugle variant

666SG Alliance Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666SH Amazing Stories Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666SI Another Dimension, Daily Bugle variant

666SJ Aquilonia Comics, Cards & More, Daily Bugle variant

666SK Astro-Zombies, Daily Bugle variant

666SL Austin Books & Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666SM Beach Ball Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666SN Beyond Comics, Lizard variant

666SO Big Ben's Comix Oasis (WWW.COMIXOASIS.COM), Daily Bugle variant

666SP A Big Comic Shop Llc, Daily Bugle variant

666SQ Big Planet Comics, Lizard variant

666SR Black Cat Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666SS Blister Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666ST Borderlands Comics And Games, Daily Bugle variant

666SU Bosco's, Daily Bugle variant

666SV Bullet Proof Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666SW Capital City Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666SX Captain's Comics & Toys, Lizard variant

666SY Challengers, Daily Bugle variant

666SZ Chicago Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666TA Chimera's Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666TB Chis' Comics, Lizard variant

666TC Classic Comics, Lizard variant

666TD Clockwork Comics & Cards, Lizard variant

666TE Close Encounters, Daily Bugle variant

666TF Coliseum Of Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666TG Collectors Corner, Daily Bugle variant

666TH Collector's Den, Daily Bugle variant

666TI Collectors Ink, Daily Bugle variant

666TJ Comically Speaking, Lizard variant

666TK Comic Book University, Lizard variant

666TL Comic Fortress, Daily Bugle variant

666TM Comic Ink, Daily Bugle variant

666TN The Comic Interlude, Daily Bugle variant

666TO Comickaze Comics, Books And More, Lizard variant

666TP Comic Kings, Daily Bugle variant

666TQ Comic Outpost, Daily Bugle variant

666TR Comics America, Lizard variant

666TS Comics Etc, Daily Bugle variant

666TT Comics & More, Daily Bugle variant

666TU Comics To Astonish, Daily Bugle variant

666TV Comic Swap, Daily Bugle variant

666TW Comix Connection, Daily Bugle variant

666TX Conquest Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666TY Cosmic Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666TZ Creative Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666UA Cyber City Comix, Daily Bugle variant

666UB Dewey's Comic City, Daily Bugle variant

666UC Disposable Heroes (WWW.DISPOSABLEHEROES.CO.UK), Daily Bugle variant

666UD Dragon's Den & Gamer's Gambit, Lizard variant

666UE Drawn To Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666UF Dr Comics & Mr Games, Lizard variant

666UG Dreamscape Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666UH Drom's Comics & Cards, Daily Bugle variant

666UI Duncanville Bookstore, Lizard variant

666UJ Excelsior!, Daily Bugle variant

666UK, Daily Bugle variant

666UL Fantask, Lizard variant

666UM Fantasy Realm, Daily Bugle variant

666UN Flying Colors, Daily Bugle variant

666UO Forbidden Planet, Daily Bugle variant

666UP Forbidden Planet, Lizard variant

666UQ Forbidden Planet International, Lizard variant

666UR Friendly Neighborhood Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666US Gen-X Comics & Games, Daily Bugle variant

666UT Geoffrey's Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666UU Golden Age Collectables (Seattle), Lizard variant

666UV Golden Age Collectables (Vancouver), Daily Bugle variant

666UW Gosh! Comics, Lizard variant

666UX Graham Crackers Comics (, Daily Bugle variant

666UY Graham Crackers Comics (Naperville), Lizard variant

666UZ Hastings' Comic Department, Lizard variant

666VA Heroes 4 Sale, Daily Bugle variant

666VB Heroes And Villains, Daily Bugle variant

666VC Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, Daily Bugle variant

666VD Heroes Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666VE Heroes Comics & Cards, Daily Bugle variant

666VF Hijinx Comics, Lizard variant

666VG House Of Heroes, Daily Bugle variant

666VH Illusions Games & Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666VI Impact Comics!, Daily Bugle variant

666VJ Impulse Creations, Lizard variant

666VK Incognito Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666VL Italycomics, Lizard variant

666VM I Want More Comics, Lizard variant

666VN Jetpack Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666VO Jetpack Comics, Lizard variant

666VP Jim Hanley's Universe, Daily Bugle variant

666VQ Kimota! Comics, Lizard variant

666VR Kings Comics!, Lizard variant

666VS Krypton Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666VT La Boite A B.D., Daily Bugle variant

666VU LARRYSCOMICS.NET, Daily Bugle variant

666VV Laughing Ogre Comics (Ohio), Daily Bugle variant

666VW The Laughing Ogre (Virginia), Daily Bugle variant

666VX Legacy Comics And Cards, Daily Bugle variant

666VY Limited Edition Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666VZ Limited Figures Toy Store, Daily Bugle variant

666WA Mac's Comics & Collectibles Inc, Daily Bugle variant

666WB Magma Comics, Lizard variant

666WC Mammoth Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WD Midtown Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WE Mile High Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WF M & M Comic Service (MMCOMICS.COM), Daily Bugle variant

666WG Monster Comic Lounge, Lizard variant

666WH New Dimension Comics, Lizard variant

666WI Njoy Games & Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WJ One Stop Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WK Orbital Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WL Phoenix Comics NW, Daily Bugle variant

666WM Play The Game Read The Story, Daily Bugle variant

666WN Reader Copies, Daily Bugle variant

666WO Read More Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WP Relax Your Soul Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WQ Rick's Comic City, Daily Bugle variant

666WR Rockin' Rooster Comics & Games, Daily Bugle variant

666WS Rogues Gallery Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WT Royal Collectibles, Lizard variant

666WU Rx Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WV Silver Snail Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WW Source Comics & Games, Daily Bugle variant

666WX Stadium Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666WY Star Clipper, Daily Bugle variant

666WZ Tate's Comics Inc., Daily Bugle variant

666XA, Daily Bugle variant

666XB That's Entertainment!, Daily Bugle variant

666XC Third Eye Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666XD Tradesmart, Daily Bugle variant

666XE Travelling Man, Daily Bugle variant

666XF Vintage Phoenix, Daily Bugle variant

666XG Wishing Well Comics, Daily Bugle variant

666XH Worlds Collide, Daily Bugle variant

666XI York Comics And Cards, Daily Bugle variant

666XJ Zapp Comics & Cards I, Daily Bugle variant

667 regular cover, Humberto Ramos

667A variant cover, Fantastic Four Anniversary

667B variant cover, Gabriele Dell'Otto

667C 2nd printing, variant cover "Heroes"

667D 2nd printing, variant cover "Lizard"

667E Montreal Comic Con 2011, Custom Edition


668A 2nd printing, variant cover

669 regular cover, Humberto Ramos

669A variant cover, Marvel Architects

669B variant cover, Marvel Architects Sketch

669C variant cover, You're Spider-Man: Dan Slott

669D variant cover, You're Spider-Man: Charles Fitzsimmons

669E variant cover, You're Spider-Man: Victor Wooten

669F variant cover, You're Spider-Man: Captain Four-Color

669G variant cover, You're Spider-Man: Ian Knight

674 regular cover, Giuseppe Camuncoli

674A variant cover, Marvel 50th Anniversary

677 regular cover, Humberto Ramos

677A variant cover, Lee Bermejo

678 regular cover, Michael Del Mundo

678A variant cover, Venom

682 regular cover, Stefano Caselli

682A variant cover, Gabriele Dell'Otto

682B 2nd printing, variant cover, Stefano Caselli

683 regular cover, Stefano Caselli

683A variant cover, Avengers Art Appreciation

683B variant cover, Gabriele Dell'Otto

683C 2nd printing, variant cover, Stefano Caselli

684 regular cover, Stefano Caselli

684A variant cover, Gabriele Dell'Otto

684B 2nd printing, variant cover, Stefano Caselli

685 regular cover, Stefano Caselli

685A variant cover, Gabriele Dell'Otto

686 regular cover, Stefano Caselli

686A variant cover, Gabriele Dell'Otto

687 regular cover, Stefano Caselli

687A variant cover, Gabriele Dell'Otto

687B variant cover, Spider-Man In Motion

688 regular cover, Guiseppe Camucoli

688A variant cover, J. Scott Campbell

688B variant cover, San Diego Comic Con 2012

689 regular cover, Guiseppe Camucoli

689A variant cover, Matthew Clark

690 regular cover, Guiseppe Camucoli

690A variant cover, Shane Davis

691 regular cover, Guiseppe Camucoli

691A variant cover, Adam Kubert

692 regular cover, Humberto Ramos

692A variant cover, 1960s, Marcos Martin (yellow)

692B variant cover, 1970s, Marcos Martin (red)

692C variant cover, 1980s, Marcos Martin (white)

692D variant cover, 1990s, Marcos Martin (blue)

692E variant cover, 2000s, Marcos Martin (purple)

692F variant cover, Canada Fan Expo 2012

692G 2nd printing, variant cover, Humberto Ramos

698 regular cover, Paolo Rivera

698A variant cover, Amazing Spider-Man 50th Anniversary

698B 2nd printing, variant cover

698C 3rd printing, variant cover

699 regular cover, Paolo Rivera

699A 2nd printing, variant cover

699.1 regular cover

699.1A 2nd printing, variant cover

700 regular cover, collage

700A variant wraparound cover, Humberto Ramos

700B variant cover, Amazing Spider-Man 50th Anniversary

700C variant cover, Marcos Martin (NYC Skyline)

700D variant cover, Olivier Coipel

700E variant cover, Joe Quesada

700F variant sketch cover, Joe Quesada

700G variant cover, Steve Ditko

700H variant cover, Midtown Comics NYC Exclusive

700I 2nd printing, variant cover

700J 3rd printing, variant cover

700K 4th printing, variant cover

700L 5th printing, variant cover

700.1 regular cover, Pasqual Ferry

700.1A variant cover, Klaus Janson

700.2 regular cover, Pasqual Ferry

700.2A variant cover, Klaus Janson

700.3 regular cover, Pasqual Ferry

700.3A variant cover, John Tyler Christopher

700.4 regular cover, Pasqual Ferry

700.4A variant cover, Mirco Pierfederici

700.5 regular cover, Pasqual Ferry

700.5A variant cover, In-Hyuk Lee

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