The New Avengers (2005)

Series continued from "The Avengers (1998)" #503. Series continues after issue #64 as "The Avengers (2010)" #1.

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1 regular cover, barcode "00111"

1A Director's Cut, barcode "00121"

1B McNiven variant cover, barcode "00131"

1C Quesada variant cover, barcode "00141"

1D 2nd printing, Finch cover, barcode "00112"

1E Marvel's Greatest Comics

2 regular cover, barcode "00211"

2A Hairsine variant cover, barcode "00221"

3 regular cover, barcode "00311"

3A Coipe variant cover, barcode "00321"

3B giveaway, Toy Biz, Marvel Legends - Giant-Man

4 regular cover, barcode "00411"

4A Cheung variant cover, barcode "00421"

5 regular cover, barcode "00511"

5A Granov variant cover, barcode "00521"

6 regular cover, barcode "00611"

6A Hitch variant cover, barcode "00621"

7 regular cover, barcode "00711"

7A Neal Adams variant cover, barcode "00721"

8 regular cover, barcode "00811"

8A John Romita SR variant cover, barcode "00821"

8B giveaway, Hasbro, Marvel Universe Greatest Battles

9 regular cover, barcode "00911"

9A Herb Trimpe variant cover, barcode "00921"

10 regular cover, barcode "01011"

10A Sal Buscema variant cover, barcode "01021"




30A True Believers


40A 2nd printing, variant cover


49A 2nd printing, variant cover


50A Adam Kubert variant cover


51A Chris Bachalo variant cover


52A Chris Bachalo variant cover


53A Chris Bachalo variant cover


54A Chris Bachalo variant cover

54B 2nd printing, variant cover

54C variant cover, San Diego Comic Con 2009

56 regular cover

56A 70 years, frame variant cover

57 regular cover

57A variant cover, Super Hero Squad

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