Ultimate Spider-Man (2000)

Series continues after issue #133 as "Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem" #1.

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1 regular, barcode "00111", red cover

1A variant, barcode "00121", white cover

1B variant, Dynamic Forces, #1664/5000

1R-B B Reprint December, 2000 - Thermos BACK COVER

1R-C C Reprint May, 2001 - (Kool Toys) Orlando BACK

1R-C2 C Reprint June, 2001 - Got Milk BACK COVER

1R-E Reprint "E" PAYLESS ShoeSource, June, 2001

1R-F F Reprint June, 2001 - Buster Brown BACK COVER

1R-F2 Reprint "F" PAYLESS ShoeSource, January, 2002

1R-G Reprint "G" Checkers, June, 2001

1R-H Reprint "H" PAYLESS ShoeSource, September 2001

1R-KB Reprint "K-B", June 2001 - KB Toys

1FCBD Free Comic Book Day, May 2002, Pop Tarts BACK COVER

1R-M2 Free Comic Book Day, May 2002, Mad Engine BACK COVER

1R-PT FCBD interior, May 2002, Pop Tarts BACK COVER

1R-ME FCBD interior, May 2002, Mad Engine BACK COVER

1R-I JMC Impact Edition, August 2004

1MGC Marvel's Greatest Comics

1R Reprint of issues 14 & 15, March 2002

2A regular, barcode "00211"

2B variant, barcode "00221"


6A Canadian Niagara Edition, May 2004


8R reprint, August 2002, Ritz Bits back cover

8R-ME Mad Engine (JC Penney 100th Anniversary), August, 2002



11A giveaway (promotional barcode)


12A giveaway (promotional barcode)


13A giveaway (promotional barcode)


14A giveaway (promotional barcode)

1/2 Wizard Special Edition

1/2A Wizard World East variant cover


39A Activision ashcan giveaway


40A "Not For Resale", Frigo Cheese Heads


54A Arachno-Man variant edition

54B Colombia Pictures variant edition

54C variant edition, DVD giveaway (UK edition)

54D Sony International Edition, August 2004


79A Wizard World Chicago, sketch cover

100 regular edition, barcode "10011"

100A variant edition, barcode "10021"

104 regular, barcode "10411"

104A variant, barcode "10421", red

104B variant, barcode "10431", white

111A Bagley variant cover

111B Immonen variant cover

111C Wizard World Chicago 2007, Quesada variant cover

111D Wizard World Chicago 2007, Immonen variant cover

112 regular, barcode "11211"

112A variant, barcode "11221", white cover

115 regular cover, barcode "11511"

115A zombie variant cover, barcode "11521"

133 regular cover

133A variant cover, white

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