The 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time



GiveAway: Marvel Mini Comic Book Keychain

Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1


Komikai Micro Comics

Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1


Marvel Age Magazine (Target Exclusive)

Ultimate Spider-Man: Power And Responsibility


Marvel TradePaperBack Editions

Decades, Marvel In The '00s


Mighty Marvel Must Haves

8 [R: Ultimate Spider-Man 1-3]


Ultimate Marvel HardCover (Omnibus)



Ultimate Marvel Magazine



Ultimate Spider-Man (2000)

1 regular, barcode "00111", red cover

1A variant, barcode "00121", white cover

1B variant, Dynamic Forces, #1664/5000

1R-B B Reprint December, 2000 - Thermos BACK COVER

1R-C C Reprint May, 2001 - (Kool Toys) Orlando BACK

1R-C2 C Reprint June, 2001 - Got Milk BACK COVER

1R-E Reprint "E" PAYLESS ShoeSource, June, 2001

1R-F F Reprint June, 2001 - Buster Brown BACK COVER

1R-F2 Reprint "F" PAYLESS ShoeSource, January, 2002

1R-G Reprint "G" Checkers, June, 2001

1R-H Reprint "H" PAYLESS ShoeSource, September 2001

1R-KB Reprint "K-B", June 2001 - KB Toys

1FCBD Free Comic Book Day, May 2002, Pop Tarts BACK COVER

1R-M2 Free Comic Book Day, May 2002, Mad Engine BACK COVER

1R-PT FCBD interior, May 2002, Pop Tarts BACK COVER

1R-ME FCBD interior, May 2002, Mad Engine BACK COVER

1R-I JMC Impact Edition, August 2004

1MGC Marvel's Greatest Comics


Ultimate Spider-Man: Collected Edition

1 first printing, 2000, barcode "00111"

1A second printing, 2001, barcode "00112"

1B third printing, 2002, barcode "00113"

1C Target Easter Basket Giveaway 2002, (c) 2001


Ultimate Spider-Man HardCover (2000)


1A 2nd printing


Ultimate Spider-Man HardCover (2000, Marvel Select)

1 Power & Responsibility


Ultimate Spider-Man HardCover (2000, Omnibus)

1 Limited Edition (2004, Barnes & Noble)

1A (2012), Joe Quesada cover

1B (2012), Mark Bagley cover (USM #2)

1C (2022), Joe Quesada cover (USM #1)

1D (2022), Joe Quesada cover (pin-up)

1E (2022), Mark Bagley cover (USM #36)


Ultimate Spider-Man HardCover (2000, Premiere)

3 Power And Responsibility (2009)

3A Power And Responsibility (2019, Select Edition)


Ultimate Spider-Man Special Edition

1 Oct 2001, Reprint USM #1 in FULL, Wal-Mart distribution only


Ultimate Spider-Man TradePaperBack (2000)

1 Power And Responsibility

1A Power And Responsibility, 2nd Printing, new spine logo

1B Power And Responsibility, 3rd Printing, volume # on cover

1C Power And Responsibility, 4th Printing

1D Power And Responsibility, 5th Printing

1E Power And Responsibility, 6th Printing

1F Power And Responsibility, Second Edition, 1st printing

1P Power And Responsibility, Platinum Series, Wal-Mart Exclusive


Ultimate Spider-Man TradePaperBack (2000, Spanish)

1 Collección En Español


Ultimate Spider-Man TradePaperBack (2000, Ult. Collection)

1 Ultimate Collection


Ultimate Tales Flip Magazine



Wizard ACE Edition

Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1


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