Below you'll find the items I'm still looking for. Please, contact if you see anything you can help me with.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1999)

Series continued from "The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)" #441. After issue #58, series skips to #500 to reflect original numbering. Series continues after issue #700 as "The Superior Spider-Man (2013)" #1.

667B variant cover, Gabriele Dell'Otto


GiveAway: Citizen

2023 Light On Time, Featuring Spider-Man & Black Panther


GiveAway: General Mills - Fruit Roll-Ups

3 Spider-Man Vs Rhino (?), "Secret Pictures" box


The Savage Dragon (1993)

250I variant B&W cover, Erik Larsen (unreleased)


Spider-Man GiveAway: Adventures In Reading

The Times Union (1991), white back cover


Spider-Man GiveAway: Hi-C Fruit Drinks

1 Enter Lightmaster!, (Pepsi Cola billboard)


Ultimate Spider-Man (2000)

Series continues after issue #133 as "Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem" #1.

1R-C2 C Reprint June, 2001 - Got Milk BACK COVER

1R-I JMC Impact Edition, August 2004